Linksys Extender Installation

Ever since the existence of WiFi Range Extenders, it has become very easy to access internet without any issue. Linksys smart WiFi setup are the first choice of users to boost the existing router range. Linksys Extender Installation is quite easy and simple process and doesn’t require set up of additional software. Just log in to and follow on-screen prompts. However, a mandatory condition before Linksys Setup Extender is that the extender should be in default factory settings. To do so, reset the extender by following the steps given below:

How to reset Linksys Range Extender

Looking for how to reset Linksys Range Extender? If yes, your search ends here. There are two methods to reset the extender: Manual Reset and Web-Based Reset.
  1. Manual Reset
First of all, plug in the extender to a wall socket. Long press the reset button. Once done, restart Linksys Range Extender using the power button. Make use of Ethernet cable to connect the extender. You can also connect the range extender in a wireless manner. Once done, you are ready to go for Linksys Setup Extender.
  1. Web-Based Reset
This Linksys smart WiFi setup method requires you to access Linksys web address. Launch any internet browser and go to Once done, press Enter key.
A new window will appear asking for username and password. Click on Ok button to proceed further. If you have ever changed the credentials, use the current one. The basic welcome screen displays. Select factory defaults option. Wait for two minutes and let the resetting process complete. Finally, click on save settings button. Unable to reset Linksys Range Extender? Don’t worry. Call us now. Our highly-skilled technicians will give you a professional assistance for all types of critical problems regarding Linksys smart WiFi setup.

Cannot connect to Linksys Extender

At times, users cannot connect to Linksys Extender during installation. When they try to access the default login page, an error message pops up saying ‘you are not connected to the range extender network’. To troubleshoot this problem, make a steady connection between extender and network. You can do so either wirelessly or via an Ethernet cable. If this problem continues to appear, chat with our professionals to get a quick fix. Our technicians turn the hard-to-understand issues into easy-to-use steps, achieving 100% client satisfaction.

Linksys Setup Extender

Linksys Wireless Range Extenders can be set up using two different ways: wirelessly and through an Ethernet cable.
  1. Linksys Extender Installation - Wirelessly
Follow the steps below for Linksys Extender Setup wirelessly:
  • Put the extender to a clean and hygienic place.
  • Turn the extender on.
  • Plug in the computer to an electrical outlet and connect it to a WiFi connection.
  • Connect the extender.
  • Open a browser on computer. It will automatically take you to Linksys
  • This is the main Linksys Extender Setup page.
  • A list of networks will appear.
  • Choose the network to expand.
  • Save the settings.
  1. Linksys Extender Installation – Using an Ethernet Cable
Let’s have a look at the steps below for Linksys Extender Setup via an Ethernet cable:
  • Use an Ethernet cable to connect the computer to extender.
  • Turn on the extender by plugging it into a socket.
  • Launch any browser and go to Linksys web address.
  • Select Linksys smart WiFi setup manual option.
  • Type the SSID or network name and click Continue.
Finally, restart the Linksys Extender. For any technical help related to Linksys smart WiFi setup, Chat with our experts. No problem is minor or major for us - our experts respond immediately to your call, make a remote connection with your system, and remain connected with you until the issue gets resolved.