Linksys WiFi Extender Setup Issues? Let's Fix!

Linksys WiFi extender is one of the best networking devices to extend the existing wireless signals in far corners of your house. Basically, it receives the wireless signals from your home's WiFi router and re-transmits them in the boosted form in hard-to-reach areas.

Since its inception, Linksys wireless extender has gained a massive user base. The whole credit goes to its advance features and superb stability. But at times, many users face flaws during the Linksys extender setup. These flaws can be really frustrating and a bit difficult to comprehend.

If you are also sailing in the same boat, then here's the best rescue method. No matter what kind of issue you are facing, you can fix it with a few Linksys extender troubleshooting tips.

In this article, we will shed light on all the common issues with the Linksys extender setup together with their relevant fixes.

So, let's break the ice!

Problem: Can't Connect to Linksys WiFi Extender

Improper placement of your Linksys extender is the main cause behind this problem. Not only the WiFi range extender but also the placement of the other network devices whichever you use for the Linksys extender setup process also results in this connection issue.

Fix: The key to fix this issue is to move your Linksys WiFi extender from that location. There are some major points you need to follow while positioning your WiFi range extender. Let's have a look at them:

  1. During the Linksys extender setup, place your WiFi range extender as well as router at a distance of 1-3 feet far from each other.
  2. Try to remove the physical obstructions (wall, door, metal, fish tank, etc.) in the path of the extender's wireless signals.
  3. Do not place your Linksys extender and wireless router near to any electronic device because they may cause radio signal interference.
  4. Try to avoid placing your Linksys extender near to reflexive surfaces like mirrors or glasses.
  5. Place your Linksys extender at a ventilated location.

This way you can fix the connectivity issue with ease. Simply shift your wireless range extender's position and you are done.

Problem: Can't Log In to Linksys Wireless Extender

During the Linksys extender setup, you need to access the extender.linksys web page. This particular web-based page allows you to configure and set up your Linksys range extender. But, when users try to gain access of this web-based page, they commonly stuck with some error messages. This usually happens when there is no communication between the WiFi extender and your router and your WiFi extender is not detecting the internet connection from your ISP or WiFi router.

Fix: Follow the below-given troubleshooting steps to fix the issue:

  1. Ensure that you have mentioned the correct web address.
  2. Ensure that your router is connected to the WiFi range extender via an Ethernet cable.
  3. Disconnect your Linksys WiFi extender from the electric power outlet and connect it again after a few minutes. This process is called reboot or power-cycling.
  4. Try to update your web browser to the latest version.
  5. Try to update your Linksys extender's firmware version.

That's it! We are done with the Linksys extender setup troubleshooting guide. If still, you face some issues, feel free to get in touch with us via comments.